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The Perfect Bean

Here is a blog from a fellow passionate specialty coffee dude There is only one step in creating “The World’s Finest Fresh Roasted Coffee” that is just as important as the roasting process itself. That is to say, you can do a so-so job with grinding and brewing and, with a bit of luck still […]

Coffee Blends

Why do coffee roasters blend their coffee?  Well, the altruistic answer is: the true purpose of blending the beans enables the roaster to highlight each attribute of the coffees in the blend thus creating a coffee experience like no other.   Realistically and more times than not, they are actually creating a blend so they can […]

How to make the Ideal Cup of Coffee.

Ideal cup of coffee Many people are asking me for tips on how to make a great cup of coffee. Not only have I invested a great amount of time finding wonderful rich coffee to roast, I have also invested into learning how to brew an ideal cup of coffee. I was originally going to […]

Coffee is to be Savored not Saved.

I truly enjoy being out with the public when we are doing different events. It gives me a chance to interact with my customers. One thing that floors me however, is a conversation that goes something like this: Customer: “We really love your coffee!  We bought some from you 3 months ago.” Me: “Thank you, […]