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Coffee as a Means to Cleanse Your Body.

Coffee Cleanse The Ultimate Guide For Coffee as Way to Cleanse Your Body. Updated March 10, 2017. Often you will hear about people choosing to take part in a detox program to cleanse their body. This might be used periodically by the particularly health conscious to maximize their efforts, though is frequently used by people […]

Coffee is Linked to Reduced Risk of Dementia.

Here is the next installment on our series on health benefits of coffee. I have asked Eve Pearce to continue to be our guest blogger writing these well researched articles.  Quality Coffee Rich in Nutrients Linked to Reduced Risk of Dementia There are many reasons why coffee is enjoyed by millions of people across the […]

Coffee a luxury that is good for you.

We would like to thank our guest blogger Eve Pearce. She took the time to do the research on the health benefits of coffee and write this blog just for Tap Dancers. I really like the last line. There is nothing like a piping hot cup of coffee in the morning to see you through […]