Winter Coffee Line Up

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As I have said in the past, the only constant is change.  But in our case, we embrace the changes because although it may mean saying good-bye to a coffee we have loved, we get to introduce new coffees that we love.

All of the coffees I import are from small farms and co-ops that are committed to growing specialty grade coffees.  In the coffee industry, the coffee produced from these small farms and co-ops are call micro-lots.  Last spring, we bought all of Kenya Gathinja’s coffee crop, which was our largest single purchase.  At the time, we projected it would last us until next spring but our sales exceeded our expectations and we sold out of the coffee 2 weeks ago.  Although we will miss Kenya Gathinja, we have found a new Kenyan coffee that we are excited about….Kenya Kiambara. The new Kenyan, while slightly different, has the same flavor profile as the Gathinja so there will not be too much of an adjustment for our Kenyan Gathinja lovers.

We are also introducing our new Honduras Raos Royal Decaf.  The mountain water decaffeination process is the best process to decaffeinate a coffee and to make sure the flavor is retained.

Lastly, we also have our new Guatemala blend readily available. We have taken our new Guatemala Blend out to test market at the pass few events and it has been very well received.

Here is our new and familiar coffee line-up that we will have available throughout this winter:


Kenya Kiambara medium roast: Bright and tangy, sparkling citric grapefruit acidity, with a pronounced herbal character in a stout and vibrant cup, without a bitter aftertaste. This is our strongest coffee.


Kenya Kiambara dark roast: Earthy, smoky flavor that hits the sides of your tongue with hints of mocha. A very creamy, smooth and balanced coffee with a warm aftertaste. A true dessert coffee when milk and sugar are added and is perfect for making iced coffee.


Honduras Raos Royal Decaf: This is a medium body coffee with lovely sweet cocoa notes finishes with a pleasant clean aftertaste. Certified fair trade and organic. Decaffeination done by Royal Select Water process, which is recognized as the finest process available.


Guatemala Blend: By using three special roast profiles we have created this delightfully yummy blend. Carmelly sweet chocolate with notes of crisp citrus and a hint of nuttiness.


Guatemala Andrina: Medium body coffee with notes of milk chocolate. This delightful coffee has a touch of sweetness and finishes with a pleasant lingering after taste.


Guatemala Beatriz: Medium body coffee starts with a crisp lemony tartness and is followed by a mellow peach undernotes. Finishes very refreshing.


Ethiopia Queen City: A very complex sun dried medium body coffee with notes of apricots and mangoes and exotic spices of cloves and cinnamon.


Espresso Blend:  We found the right combination that blends the boldness of our Kenya Gathinja Medium with the sweetness of the Guatemala Beatriz and combined them with our rich chocolate Guatemala Adrina for complexity.