Agile and Flexible

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During my time as a stock broker, I watched new startups try to take on their big established competitors. The successful startups had two characteristics that set them apart.  They were agile and flexible.  Agility is an ability to think quickly and to be mentally acute or aware. Flexibility is the susceptibility of modification or adaptation.

The story of David and Goliath is a great example. Goliath was a giant who spent his life in warfare. He had the finest weaponry available and armament to match his extensive combat training. When David made the decision to battle Goliath, established wisdom (in the person of King Saul) told him to take on the same type of armor and weapons.  But David knew he could not win the battle by matching Goliath’s method of battle.  He was an accomplished warrior in his own environment and he understood that he needed to depend on what worked for him (slingshot, stones and trust in God).  We all know how that story ended.

For Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee to become successful, we understand that we have to be agile and flexible. Our agility comes in our unique marketing efforts.  We ask you to try our coffee. We know our coffee is the finest coffee sold in Omaha so the next step is to have you order a bag.  Receiving a bag of our “specialty grade, roast to order, personalized door to door service coffee” for such a great price point is difficult for folks to really comprehend.  We cannot deny that we are trying to court our customers to fall in love with what we do and with our coffee.

The next step progression for a customer is to become a regular subscriber.  Here is where we show off our flexibility. We offer more options to our subscribers than what is available online. Along with weekly or bi-weekly orders, we also are able to accommodate anyone’s preference (once every three weeks, monthly or some other option). We offer the option of a 16 ounce bag exclusively to our subscribers, because for some of them, a 12 ounce bag will not last them long enough between deliveries.

My wife has shown an even deeper level of flexibility because she works with people’s budgets when it comes to gifts.  She has created everything from custom $15.00 gift bags to $200.00 extravagant baskets.

Because we are truly agile and flexible, we are able to adapt to your specific needs and wants, instead of us dictating to you how to buy our coffee.  We love leaving the power of options where it belongs….in the hands of our customers.