My Very Special Father’s Day

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The boys took Maxine and me out to dinner and a movie for Father’s Day on Monday night. I guess I shouldn’t call our sons “boys” because at 25 and 22, they have truly  become remarkable men. Before I go any further, I just want to say how proud they made me feel. They took the initiative, made decisions and took charge of the evening. Not only that, they paid for everything.

Jeremy (the eldest) has not been an adventurous eater in the past. As we were trying some exotic dips with our appetizer, I was surprised to see him taking some.  When I commented on it, he said, “I found it is safer to try new things at a fine restaurant.” Interesting observation, I thought.

Jarell (the younger) on the other hand, is willing to try new things and likes to experiment greatly with different combinations of flavors.  While that is fun, he sometimes lacks the experience to know what works best for him.

As I observed this, I realized that while I refuse to be set in my ways and will continue to try new foods, I am also of the age and experience to know what I like and what I do not like when it comes to certain foods (like Brussels sprouts).

Case in point….there was a vendor next to us last Saturday’s farmers market who makes his own mustards. While my wife had a ball sampling and eventually buying his product, I did not bother to even sample his products.  I have tried enough variety of mustards throughout the years to understand that I am a French’s yellow mustard guy. I am also a Heinz Ketchup and a Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce guy

Knowing name brands or knowing the chef gives one the confidence to buy their products, simply because you know the quality of the product. 3 years ago I became a coffee roaster. Now I will only buy, roast and sell the world’s finest coffee. We have made sure that our brand Tap Dancers specialty Coffee has become synonymous with that of high quality.

If you have not finished trying and experimenting with coffees, why not try our product and see if you are ready to make Tap Dancers Specialty coffee the one you stick with for life.