It’s in the Bag

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Our goal at Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee is to create value by doing everything to the finest levels available. The bags we use to package our coffee are a true testament to our philosophy.

I must be maturing, because I am resisting the deep temptation to name names and rant about the cheap packaging many other coffee roasters use was difficult to overcome.  Instead, I will tell you the “whys” about the bags we have chosen to use for our beans. I am proud of the fact that we chose not to compromise the freshness of our beans by providing simply the best packaging available.

There are a couple of things we have to consider to ensure our coffee retains all of its goodness until you drink it. One is keeping the coffee fresh. Once coffee is roasted, the bean expels carbon dioxide and absorbs oxygen. It is the absorption of oxygen that creates a stale coffee.  This process of expelling and absorbing within the coffee bean cannot be slowed down (no matter what the temperature).  The process speeds up however, with exposure to air so it is important to keep the coffee as air tight as possible after the roast.

The other thing we have to be aware of with coffee is that it is very absorbent. Not only do we have to be concerned about outside moisture, we have to be concerned about what the beans come in contact with. Metallic foils (like aluminum or tin), plastic, cardboard and yes, even kraft paper will ALL taint the taste of coffee.  Is that surprising?

The bags Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee uses to package our coffee address these concerns, while not being too inconvenient to use for the consumer. We use an impulse sealer to completely seal the bag. The side notches enable you to open the bag easily. The bags not only seal airtight, but are easy to reseal to help keep the air exposure to a minimum. The bags have a patented one way degassing valve. This valve insures that air only goes out and no oxygen comes back in.

The two additional special features of these bags are not visible. The bags have a high vapor barrier and a neutral lining. The vapor barrier keeps moisture out of the bag. If you tear open the bag and lick the inside of the bag you will taste nothing.  These features all help to insure your coffee retains its freshness and remains untainted.

Which Grinder?

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What’s The Best Coffee Grinder?

Ah, the daily “grind”!  The world of coffee grinders can be confusing for many people. Which one should you choose?   Which one is the best coffee grinder? Should I just buy pre-ground coffee?

In my pursuit of great coffee I have purchased several different grinders over the years.  Please let me share my knowledge and experience with you.

Types of Coffee Grinders

There are 3 types of coffee grinders available;

  • A blade coffee grinder.
  • An inexpensive burr grinder
  • A high priced burr grinder.

Blade Coffee Grinder

The blade grinder is the least expensive grinder on the market. It is a great way to start if you are not sure you want to invest

It is a great way to start if you are not sure you want to invest into coffee brewing equipment or if the budget does not allow for a bigger investment.

When looking at a blade grinder, do not get roped in by the extras that drive up the price.  This type of grinder is very basic and works best if kept basic.

The blade grinder works very well for a drip brewer like Mr. Coffee and runs in the 15-25 dollar range.

The important thing is to NOT over grind the beans. 

If you run the grinder for too long the beans become too fine and they will actually plug up the coffee filter causing what I promise you to be a big mess.

Blade Grinder Benefits: 

  • Least Expensive
  • Great Starter Coffee Grinder
  • Works well for drip coffee brewers

Burr Coffee Grinder

If you want or use a different type of coffee brewer like a French press or a moka pot, then you will need to purchase a burr grinder.  This type of grinder gives you the ability to adjust how coarse or fine you want your coffee to be ground which is a plus.

There are two levels of burr coffee grinders, that are different enough to give them their own categories.

Inexpensive Burr Coffee Grinders

The less expensive burr coffee grinders use a high-speed motor to turn the burrs. This, unfortunately, has two major setbacks.

The first major setback is that a lower tiered burr grinder heats up the bean. This is a problem because is actually destroys some of the flavors in the coffee.

Second, it will create a great deal of static electricity in the ground coffee. This means that the coffee grounds will scatter all over the place and will create quite a messy in your grinder.

These less expensive burr coffee grinders usually run in the 30-80 dollar range.

The Best Burr Coffee Grinder

The high priced burr grinders typically run in the $100-300 dollar range. But for those that love great coffee, the extra price can be worth the investment. For this

But for those that love great coffee, the extra price can be worth the investment. For this price you get a more powerful motor that runs at a much lower speed thereby creating less heat and less static electricity.

This creates a better cup of coffee and less mess. In my own home kitchen, I use a Kitchenaid Pro Line Series Burr grinder.  In my opinion, it is the best “for home use” grinders on the market.   I got mine through Ebay at a good price.


In my own home kitchen, I use a Kitchenaid Pro Line Series Burr grinder.  In my opinion, it is the best “for home use” grinders on the market. I got mine through Ebay at a good price.


So if you are ready to step it up, here is a link to a review of the Kitchenaid burr grinder   The author of this review has a lot of great information about coffee making accessories and equipment. In fact it is a great site to get your coffee geek on.

So those are the three coffee grinders you can choose from. Have a question? Leave it in the comments. We hope this helps you on your puruit of great coffee. Having the best coffee grinder is an important part of that process.