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We only roast and sell single origin specialty grade coffee (the finest coffee in the world). The name on the label is the name of the farm it comes from. We know who grew the coffee. We know that the farmer got paid significantly higher than fair trade rates. We verify that the owners take care of the land sustainably and grow the coffee organically. They also qualify for all the earth friendly certifications. One may purchase their first bag because of the positive impact we make on our planet. The second purchase will be just because the coffee tastes so doggone good!

tom and max

Tom and Maxine Dancer

I guess you could say I was born a travelin’
man of the world. My father was an officer in
the Air Force so we moved about every 3 years
on average until I was in high school where I
graduated in Tacoma, Washington.

Between the moving as a child and the travel
I did as an adult I’ve been as far east as the
Philippines, as far west as Eastern Europe, as
far north as Canada and as far south as Brazil.

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Our Vision:

Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee will always pursue excellence,
seeking quality over price and taste over convenience. We will
be uncompromising in our pursuit of the superb cup of coffee.
We will tirelessly seek out the coffees that will amaze your taste
buds. “Devotion to rigid standards” and “quality control” will not
be buzz words…..they will be our company’s genuine lifestyle.

Our Mission:

We exist to ignite new passion for the love of the world’s
finest specialty coffees. We will strive to consistently exceed
the expectations of our customers as we provide them with
excellent service.

We will remain uncompromising in all the aspects of our
business. The hallmark of our products will be fine quality and
distinction. The pledge to our vendors will be to transact business
with fairness and honesty. The promise to our employees will
be to treat them with respect and equality, providing first rate
opportunities for them to develop.

We will be devoted to the continuing education of coffee to
everyone who seeks it. We will also seek to invest into benefiting
our surrounding local community.


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Our deliciously smooth specialty grade coffees are all organic, fair-trade and low acidity. Each coffee order is freshly roasted on Thursday.  It is then locally delivered on Friday to your doorstep in Omaha Nebraska.  We also ship nationwide.

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Looking for that special or unique gift for the coffee lover in your life?  Choose from our beautiful baskets, custom baskets, gift certificates or just “give them the world” with selected weeks of coffee delivered weekly or bi-weekly.

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The extras that complement our coffee.  We have chosen a few select items that we feel are great accessories for your home or travel.  You can also include any one of these items in your customized gift.

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Phone: (402) 707-7546

Tom Dancer: mailto:tom@tapdancerscoffee.com
Maxine Dancer: max@tapdancerscoffee.com

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