Are you Trespassing?

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I have been getting pressure from the outside to widen my business model to include more than just specialty grade coffee. So, as I was preparing this week’s blog, I decided to post a guest blogger (and friend’s) words instead.  His name is Terry Pruett and he wrote an article which conveys the same message I wanted to post….only he says it better.

Terry is more than a business coach more than a motivation speaker. He has the ability to take you and your company to a much higher level. Here is a quote from his website  At XMO, we are possibility architects. We assist people in designing a blueprint for their preferred future. We achieve this by advancing the “Principles of Excellence”.

Here are his words which express my heart and vision (thank you for putting it so eloquently Terry)…..

I’ve invested many years in the business world and have learned the value of staying in my proverbial swim lane. Discipline of focus is imperative to the success of any organization or person. In life, trying to be something you weren’t created to be results in trespassing into someone else’s territory or swim lane. Their area of specialty won’t be a good fit for you because that swim lane belongs to them, not you. The key to fulfillment is staying in your own swim lane or specialization; not taking up the whole general pool. Finding the niche created for your rare mix yields a greater harvest than dabbling in a lot of “good” things. Greatness is never birthed from being a jack of all trades and master of none. Matter of fact, it’s the opposite.

Specialization is vital to success because you are special; you were created to be one of a kind. You have a unique DNA coding and fingerprint – this distinctly qualifies you to be only “you.” My mother used to say “mind your business.” In other words, focus on your territory; be diligent with your rare mix.  This leads to proficiency and effectiveness. The more specialized you are the more demand there will be for your products or services as a person or organization. When you have a disciplined focus and become highly skilled in your area of expertise you are either a success or a success waiting to happen.

Simply put, trespassing is unlawfully entering someone else’s territory, if you’re not walking in your purpose, then you’re walking in someone else’s – unlawfully, I might add. There is little gratification when walking aimlessly or forcefully in someone else’s domain. There are consequences to trespassing. There is great dissatisfaction and non-productivity as a result of trespassing. You may have heard it said this way before, if the grass is greener on the other side, then water your grass. Stay within your swim lane and walk in your purpose. You are most powerful there!

Terry Pruett

Possibility Architect & CEO

XMO, Inc.

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