Can one person make positive changes in the world?

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Can one person make positive changes in the world?  This and other questions like it have caused me to ponder an answer. We know there are great names in history.  Without intentionally naming them, I will say that like you, there are some people I consider heroes from history. These people created movements that brought awareness to an issue. The great ones were able to cast their vision and then find others who bought into the vision and came along side the visionary using their talents for furthering the cause. Others supported their mission financially.

Social Intelligence Capitalism is my cause. My hope is to change mindsets. Expose systems that are designed to take advantage of those in poverty. These systems are by design, meant to keep people poor so companies can maximize their profit margin. I want to call to light corporate phrases like “Our responsibility is to our share holders” which translates as “we are rich and our stock owners are rich and we will step on others to get richer because we have no responsibility to the poor of the world or anyone else for that matter.”

“Greed is good!” has been the mantra for corporations way too long. Please do not get me wrong. I want to make a lot of money. I want to own a nice car and live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. Maybe even 2 of each.  However, not at the direct or intentional expense of anybody else. My goal on my way to wealth is to make sure that everyone from crop to cup is blessed and that lives are positively impacted.

I asked at the beginning “Can one person make a positive change in the world. Looking at the great names from history would lead one to answer yes. However, they were not alone. It took others to elevate them. So does that mean the answer is no?

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