Coffee a luxury that is good for you.

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We would like to thank our guest blogger Eve Pearce. She took the time to do the research on the health benefits of coffee and write this blog just for Tap Dancers. I really like the last line.

There is nothing like a piping hot cup of coffee in the morning to see you through the day. It provides you with the boost that is required to take on life’s obstacles and tastes delicious. As if that wasn’t good enough, a study published in Time magazine indicates that it can also help to reduce your risk of suffering from heart failure. This is apparently even more the case with specialty grade coffees such as those sold by Tap Dancers’ Specialty Coffee as opposed to lower  grade ones.  As we have said before on our blog:

“There are several reasons specialty grade coffee is better for you than the lower grades. The one reason is that only the ripe cherries are handed picked.  In a typical situation with NON-specialty grade coffee, the harvester will simply strip the entire branch of the coffee cherries. Un-ripened and over ripened coffee beans are all processed together which causes upset stomachs and coffee jitters. Also, foreign matter is allowed to be processed with the beans.”

How Coffee Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Failure

Heart failure affects an estimated five million US citizens and is the only one of the major cardiovascular disorders that is on the rise. Between four hundred thousand and seven hundred thousand new cases are diagnosed every year and the number of fatalities that occurs as a result of this condition in the United States has doubled since the end of the seventies, averaging two hundred and fifty thousand annually. Therefore any foodstuff that can help to prevent you from suffering at its hands is well worth consuming. This will come as good news to coffee fans everywhere, as it provides them with an excuse to have a lovely, warm cup of their favorite drink.

Moderation is the Key to Good Heart Health

Heart complications should not be taken lightly, as less than half of patients survive for five years after being diagnosed with heart failure and less than a quarter survive for a decade. Fortunately the findings published in Time indicate that two eight-ounce portions of coffee can reduce heart risk by over a tenth. Researchers at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center pooled the results of five studies of heart failure risk and coffee consumption that were carried out between 2001 and 2010 and concluded that participants who drank the equivalent of two cups of the drink per day had an eleven percent lower chance of heart failure than participants who drank no coffee. Participants who consumed smaller amounts of the drink were observed to only have a four-percent decrease in risk. Based upon the results of this study, the American Heart Association recommends that heart patients should drink moderate amounts of coffee.

Other Factors?

Dr Elizabeth Mostofsky of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center issued a statement after the study went public saying that there are numerous different factors that can increase the chance of an individual’s heart failing but moderate coffee consumption isn’t one of them. The researchers at the Center didn’t state why coffee has such a positive effect upon the health of people’s hearts but Bridgette McNeill of the American Heart Association has suggested that the fact that the drink has been proven to reduce the risk of developing type two diabetes might be a contributing factor. Diabetes is one of the biggest risk factors when it comes to heart failure so it is logical to assume that decreasing the likelihood of somebody developing it will also lower the chance of his or her heart failing.

Coffee Reduces Risk of Suffering from Hypertension

McNeill also points out that coffee is believed to help to stave off hypertension. This is another condition that can lead to heart failure. It appears that by protecting against other health problems, this wonder-drink can in turn protect your heart. Perhaps the saying should be ‘a cup of coffee a day keeps the doctor away’.

Earning a Place in your Heart

There are few things that taste nice and have health benefits but coffee fulfills both of these criteria. In addition to fighting off both hypertension and diabetes, the research conducted by the Israel Deaconess Medical Center indicates that it could also keep your heart beating away healthily in your chest without fear of it packing in on you. This could enable you to live for longer and enjoy a better quality of life. Having Tap Dancers Specialty coffee delivered to your house has many benefits. The delicious coffee that we offer could be doing your body good whilst you drink it. The most important benefit of consuming it is simply that it tastes nice though. It possesses a rich, irresistible flavor that will almost certainly earn it a place in your heart as it works its magic to protect it.

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