Coffee Club

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You get up in the morning and enjoy a cup or two of great coffee at home and then it’s off to work. At mid-morning and it is time for a little break and you head off to your company’s coffee area.  Alas, you turn around because the thought of drinking that coffee was enough to swear off caffeine. Oh no!  You are on your way to becoming a coffee snob. What are you to do? Why not become the office coffee club administrator which will allow you to drink Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee for free?

The basics of a workplace coffee club is pretty simple. You find the people in the office that would be willing to pay for better coffee at the office then what the employer is willing to pay for. For example, let’s say 10 co-workers and you decide to form a coffee club.  As the club’s administrator, you charge a $20.00 buy in per person. This will be the start up money to buy a good brewer, grinder and a digital scale.

On average, a workplace coffee lover will use 6-8 ounces of coffee beans per week. Which means a coffee club of 11 people will use around 5 pounds of coffee per week. It just so happens that we are offering a 5 pound bag of coffee for $55.00. If you charge each person $6.00 per week, that would cover the cost of the coffee and the extras and you have no out of pocket expense which would be your compensation for your time as the administrator.  You not only get the benefit of drinking Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee for free, you provide a perfect solution for having great coffee at work while saving your co-workers an average of $1,000.00 a year on per cup coffee purchased at coffee shops.

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