Coffee is to be Savored not Saved.

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I truly enjoy being out with the public when we are doing different events. It gives me a chance to interact with my customers. One thing that floors me however, is a conversation that goes something like this:

Customer: “We really love your coffee!  We bought some from you 3 months ago.”

Me: “Thank you, why haven’t you bought more from me?”

Customer: “Oh, we still have some in the freezer. We only drink it on special occasions, because it is so good.”

I have spoken with people who brought home some coffee from their Hawaiian vacation. Every once in a while they will break out the Kona coffee from the freezer and brew some. When they sit down and smell the aroma and sip the coffee they are flooded with wonderful memories of their stay in Hawaii. I do not want to take that experience away from them. However, they are actually drinking stale coffee.

Here’s the deal. Fresh roasted coffee is only truly fresh for two weeks. The only way one can keep the freshness in during those two weeks is by storing the coffee in an air tight container. That is why we chose to buy the more expensive air tight sealing packages to place our coffee in. Keeping coffee in the refrigerator or freezer does NOT preserve the freshness. Once coffee is roasted it starts to expel carbon dioxide and absorbing oxygen. It is the absorption of oxygen that makes coffee stale.

This leads us back to the title of this blog. Savor coffee, don’t save it. Here at Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee we go to extremes to make sure our clientele have the finest, freshest coffee available. Each and every time someone drinks a cup of our coffee we want them to experience the unique joy of a wonderful cup of coffee. Since you cannot save, store, or keep fresh roasted coffee, drink it every day.  Do this for yourself. Do this for me. I want the last cup to be as great as the first cup.

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