The Ultimate Guide To Sumatra Coffee

Sumatra coffee beans are considered to be some of the finest beans in the world and have become a staple of coffee shops throughout the US.   Hailing from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, you can expect Sumatra coffees to have a rich, earthy flavor.   Geography: Coffee was first brought to Indonesia by Dutch […]

How to Brew the Best Coffee at Home

If you’re like us, you think about coffee all the time. All day while we’re awake we think about how we can get more of the finest coffee beans on the planet, roast them to perfection and get them to your doorstep in our special air tight bags. Then while we sleep we dream about […]

Defining Specialty Coffee

What is Specialty & Specialty Grade Coffee? Specialty Coffee versus Specialty Grade Coffee……yes, there is a difference. ​The Specialty Coffee Chronicle says the market share of specialty coffee is 51 percent, passing non-specialty for the first time.  But the term “specialty” has morphed in definition from the original.  Most people equate specialty coffee with specialty, espresso […]

It’s in the Bag

Our goal at Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee is to create value by doing everything to the finest levels available. The bags we use to package our coffee are a true testament to our philosophy. I must be maturing, because I am resisting the deep temptation to name names and rant about the cheap packaging many other […]

Which Grinder?

What’s The Best Coffee Grinder? Ah, the daily “grind”!  The world of coffee grinders can be confusing for many people. Which one should you choose?   Which one is the best coffee grinder? Should I just buy pre-ground coffee? In my pursuit of great coffee I have purchased several different grinders over the years.  Please […]

My Very Special Father’s Day

The boys took Maxine and me out to dinner and a movie for Father’s Day on Monday night. I guess I shouldn’t call our sons “boys” because at 25 and 22, they have truly  become remarkable men. Before I go any further, I just want to say how proud they made me feel. They took […]

The Power of Three

The number 3 has had significant meaning throughout history.  Time itself is divided into 3….past, present and future.  “According to Jewish law, once something is done three times it is considered a permanent thing.” – Rabbi Dr. Hillel ben David (Greg Killian). The ministry of Jesus lasted 3 years on Earth and His resurrection was […]

Inflexible and Uncompromising

Last week I wrote about the importance of being agile and flexible. Just after we sent out our email, we had an order requesting to grind our coffee before delivering it. This request had me over a quandary.  I realized that we said we were flexible. Now what do I do?  My immediate thought was […]