Ethiopian Kenebata

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Wet process and dry process are two basic choice types of processing that freshly picked coffee cherries undergo.  Most coffees go through a wet process which washes the shell of the cherry off of the bean.

The dry process on the other hand, is where the coffee cherries are thrown on to sunning beds and dried in the sun.  Once it is dry, the coffee bean is then separated from the hull.  The dry process is not used very much because it takes much longer to process and if it rains while the beans are on the sunning beds, the crop is ruined. Besides taking longer and being difficult to process, a sun dried coffee is also harder to roast.

So why go through all of the trouble of dry processing in the first place?  Because the end result is something unusually spectacular.  When you grind this coffee your nose will get a whiff of exotic spices like cinnamon and fruity notes of blueberries. Brewing seems to take much longer than usual because of the anticipation of drinking this wonderful and unique coffee.  Once the anticipation is over and you begin to drink it, you will find that although the aroma is intense and the flavors are overpowering, in fact, this coffee is surprisingly very light, crisp, naturally sweet and refreshing.

This coffee is definitely not for everyone because it is so exotic and different from what many people are used to experiencing. You simply cannot “THINK coffee”.  I have found those who appreciate fine foods and wines enjoy this coffee the most.

Here is my video blog of me sharing more about this truly wonderful and unique coffee.

Ethiopia Kenebata

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