Why do you only sell whole beans?

We are passionate about making sure our coffee stays fresh. The shelf life of fresh roasted whole bean coffee kept in an air tight container is 2 to 3 weeks. Once the coffee is ground, the freshness only lasts  1-2 days.


Do you sell certified fair trade coffee?

Sometimes. We actually do not seek out “certified” fair trade coffee. Fair trade certification increases the price of the coffee but does not increase or guarantee the quality of the coffee. Certified fair trade coffee is designed to make sure the laborers and farmers receive a fair wage and a fair price for their coffee. This is an excellent program for commercial grade and premium grade coffees. However, fair trade certified coffee does not mean better coffee.

We seek out estates that grow specialty grade coffee. The coffee brokers we buy from make sure that the estate owners are paid a fair price so we know it is fair trade but not necessarily certified. These estates will have extended families that live there. The workers they employ receive wages, housing, education for their children and in many cases, have access to a free medical clinic. The estate owners understand that they need to fully invest in their people so they can get the type of coffee that demands the higher price per pound.

Most, if not all specialty grade coffee is sold through an auction system. The best of the best brings in the big bucks. There are some coffees that will sell for $100.00-$150.00 per pound which we are not dealing with at this time. What we do is find the undiscovered coffee that meets with our superb standards. This takes a great deal more work, but the joy is in the hunt and discovering that one special coffee from the bunch. We pay a premium price for our coffee. This means that the estate receives a fair price and the estate owner takes very good care of his workers who will be inspired to produce another good crop next season.


Do you sell certified organic coffee?

Sometimes. We do not seek out coffee that has been “certified” as organically grown. This certification increases the cost of the coffee considerably. The farmer has to pay a fee. The coffee mill has to pay a fee. The coffee importer has to pay a fee and the coffee roaster gets the privilege and honor of paying a fee as well.

All of these fees however, do not create a better product. While not all certified organic, the coffee growers that we buy from are basically organic. They raise their crops in the mountains of third world countries. If you watch any of the “extreme trucker” shows, you will have a good idea of how challenging and expensive it is to actually get to these high altitude farms. The transportation is simply too costly for the grower to try to bring in chemical fertilizers and pesticides to these remote locations. They depend on mulch and manure for fertilization and natural insect repellant techniques instead.


Why is there a hole in my bag?

The hole is a one way degassing valve. Freshly roasted coffee releases CO2. The highest volume of CO2 released is in the first couple of days, however the process continues for a couple of weeks. We package the beans within a couple of hours of roasting. If the bag did not have the degassing valve the bag would burst.

As the freshly roasted coffee beans release CO2, they absorb oxygen. This is the process by which coffee becomes stale. This is also why we put our roast date on the bag and suggest it be consumed within two weeks of the date so that you can experience the freshest taste.


Why do you put the day the coffee was roasted on the bag instead of a “sell by” date?

While many roasters are willing to acknowledge that the shelf life of fresh coffee is two weeks, many of them are not willing to put the roasting date on the bag. Placing a roasting date on the bag would mean they would have to roast in smaller batches, control their inventory more and heaven forbid, discard their product after the 2 to 3 week window. We are willing to do whatever work it takes to live up to our slogan, World’s Finest Coffee, Roasted Fresh For You”.


Why is the back of the bag clear?

We are proud of our product! We want you to see the color of the roast and the quality of the beans which are whole and unbroken. Sometimes they are not exactly the same size or the same color. But that is the nature of nature.


Why is your coffee selection always changing?

It is always changing because coffee crops are always changing. Once we find a coffee we are willing to serve to our clientele, we buy as much as is available that year. Most estates that grow specialty grade coffee only produce a few tons. Once their crop is sold, it is gone. Just because we bought their crop this season does not mean we will purchase it next season. Coffee crops taste different from season to season and even from the same estate.

Just because a grower has a great crop this year does not mean he will have a great crop next year. Though the beans are coming from the same trees and processed in the same coffee mill, there are so many variables including climate and weather changes that influence the coffee bean and the flavor profile.

When I first started roasting coffee. I purchased a small amount from a very well-known estate. The owner controlled every step of the process and sold out his large crop every year at a premium price. Most of his coffee was pre-sold. The first batch I received exceeded all my expectations and I was very sad I did not purchase more when I had the chance. The next season I purchased 4 times my original order only to find that it did not have the same flavor as the year before.

Many large coffee roasters will sign long term deals with a farmer. This helps ensure the roaster gets a quality coffee at a discounted rate and the farmer has a guaranteed income. The problem is that the coffee does not taste the same each year. We do not want to be “locked” in a long term deal that will compromise our company’s vision. This is why the ongoing quest for good estates and great coffee is a perpetual process. We want to make sure that the quality and excellence of our coffee is the “constant” factor. While having this “constant” means we may have to change our selection, the one thing that will not change is our unwillingness to compromise to bring our customers the very best tasting coffee.

Try one of our coffees from our “Bucket Brew” line. In the spirit of the “Bucket List”, these carefully chosen selections are the coffees you simply have to try before you die! Look for the descriptions that include the words “sun-dried” and/or “exotic”.  They are love or hate experiences but with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can try them risk free. These coffees will be purchased in much smaller quantities and will be offered for limited times only so get them while you can because it may be a long time before that particular one is offered again, if ever.

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  1. Just ordered another bag of the Ethiopian Konga Medley – wonderful flavor, smooth finish, mellow. Right now , this is my favorite coffee that you offer. But I’m always on the lookout for my next favorite! Keep up the great work you do and congrats on another “Best of Omaha” award.

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