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The fact is Keurig and single cup brewing systems are here to stay. While there are different types of coffee pods, the K cup is the predominate seller. Even though the quality of the cup of coffee is less than a brewed pot of coffee, the sale of K cups have grown over 1000% in the past decade and are projected to continue to grow at 30% per year.  We have found a way to create a K cup that not only tastes like a brewed cup but is also more environmentally responsible (read more below).

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What is different about your K cup and is it safe for the environment?

Unlike the pictures of the K Cup featured in our website for marketing purposes only, our K cups are surrounded by a filter material that allows for full extraction of the coffee.  They are also filled up higher so you will get a full 12 ounce cup of rich tasting coffee (as opposed to a flavored water taste).  Lastly, our K Cups are now compostable!  After you are done with them, just place them in the trash….no worries about adding to landfills.


Didn’t you say you would never do K cups?

Yes, I am on record saying I would never offer K cups and my wife did remind me about what I said publicly.  Our business model is: Roast to order and deliver to your front door the next day. Until recently, there has not been a system available to roast, grind and package K cups in small quantities on the same day so we can deliver the coffee on the next business day.


Why did you change your mind on offering K cups?

People are going to continue using K cups. We are now able to offer a superior tasting cup of coffee in K cup form. Many times have I heard folks say they were not satisfied with the flavor of the coffees being made by their single-cup coffee makers.  But these same folks are simply not willing to give up on the convenience.  So we realized we needed a solution for them to experience better tasting coffee.


Which coffee is available for K cup?

Simple answer is all of them. We will roast your coffee to order (Thursday).  We will grind and package the coffee within a few hours of roasting, then deliver it to your front door the next day (Friday).


Are you going to offer flavored coffees like hazelnut?

NO!  We are still committed to specialty grade coffees only which are the finest beans in the world so no “ketchup” on our filet mignons.


Is there a minimum purchase?

Yes, we require a minimum of 2 or more bags of 6 pack k-cups.


Do I have to buy 2 packs of the same coffee?

No, you may buy 2 different packs for variety. However, for it to be profitable for us to deliver to your front doorstep, we need a minimum purchase of 2 packs per order.


Do I have to commit to a subscription service?

No, you may place individual one time orders. Our goal is to win your business and convert you to a regular weekly or bi-weekly order, however it is not required.


What is the price of a 6 pack of K cups?

$7.50 for a bag of 6 K cups.


Will your K cups work in my Keurig 2.0?

We are offering a freedom clip on line. It will override the 2.0 system and allow you to use our K cups.  You would also be able to start using the refillable cups that was used for the older Keurig machines.


What is the price of the Freedom Clip?

Our retail price is $2.99. We offer it for free for any new weekly or bi-weekly commitments.


How many 6 packs should I order?

Because coffee loses its freshness quickly once it is ground, we recommend one buys enough to last a week and then get a subscription for weekly service. If it takes 2 weeks to use two 6 packs then use the bi-weekly option.


If I sign up for a weekly or bi-weekly service, how long to do I have to commit to it?

There are no commitment requirements. We feel we need to earn your business with each and every delivery. You may cancel at any time.


How do I cancel my subscription service?

Just drop us an email.

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