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This new article came out a couple of years ago. It really does a great job of sharing our story.

Posted by Tom Dancer on Tuesday, January 29, 2019


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Jukebox On Your Website?

I’d like to introduce you to Tom Dancer.
A corporate refugee, he followed his dream and started a premium coffee roasting and delivery business. Jealous, yet? The whole idea is too cool, but what really caught my eye is his jukebox!
Visit his website and look for the Coffee Jukebox tab. There, you’ll be serenaded by some choice, fresh-roasted coffee music! Wow! Now, I’m jealous.

Your website is more than just an online brochure – it’s an opportunity to share your personality and your passion. People buy from passionate people, we follow leaders with a clear vision, we will give up much to be part of an exciting movement. Your business should be an exciting movement! Think about the things you love – restaurants, online shoes, computer gear, music. Do you buy the cheapest? Doubtful. You buy what you love and cost is very low on your list of evaluation points.

If you love what you do, love what you sell, what you make, then shout it from the rooftops! Get customer loyalty by getting people involved and they will stay with you forever. Make them a “member” of your tribe, a follower of your flag.


Morning Blend

Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee 2-16-15

Tom Dancer, Roast master and Maxine Dancer, CFO and BCE (Bean Counter Extraordinaire), join us to talk about their specialty grade coffee, fresh roasted to order, with free delivery! We’ll learn what sets their coffee apart.

morning blend

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Omaha Lifestyles

omaha lifestyles cover

Tom and Maxine Dancer: Making Dreams Come True

There are two things I really go for: good coffee and a great love story. And as luck would have it, I found both with the owners of Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee. Not only are they providing area coffee lovers with the best in freshly roasted specialty coffee delivered directly to their home, but they are doing it as a team, making many of their dreams come true.
Tom and Maxine, owners of Tap Dancers met on the ballroom dance floor a few years ago (2008). They attended a local dance event at the same time and Maxine caught Tom’s eye almost immediately. “At first I was chasing this blond,” smiles Tom. “But I dropped her as soon as Maxine walked into the room!”
“He is exaggerating,” laughs Maxine. “We met on the ballroom dance floor at Omaha Ballroom. I was intimidated to dance with him because as he was a really good dancer and later, I found out that he was a former instructor for 15 years.”

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Omaha World Herald

world herald article
Omaha World Herald – Money Section
Friday, November 30, 2012

Retail Wrap Up

By Janice Podsada, World Herald Staff Writer

The milkman may be a less common sight these days, but now there’s another kind of Omaha-based deliveryman who will bring a bag of beans to your door every week.
Each Friday, Tom Dancer, co-owner of Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee, delivers the specialty coffees he roasts himself to customers in the Omaha metropolitan area. Customers can order weekly or twice monthly deliveries at

Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee will be the the Aksarben Holiday Market at 67th and Center Streets from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, offering free brewed samples of their various coffees.

“We don’t have a storefront, so we do free door-to-door delivery,” said Dancer, who roasts his coffees every Thursday in small 15-pound batches at the company’s warehouse at 4341 S. 90th St.

A coffee aficionado since his college days, Dancer 56, always dreamed of becoming a retail coffee roaster, and even wrote a business plan several years ago. But it wasn’t until he was laid off last December from TD Ameritrade that he took the plunge and launched his coffee roasting company in March.

All of Tap Dancers’ specialty coffees, except one, are single-origin coffees, meaning they come from one specific geographic region or farm, he said. The only blend the company sells is espresso, said Maxine Dancer, who co-owns the company with her husband.
“Specialty-grade coffees are not allowed to have flaws in them,” Maxine Dancer said. “They only pick the ripe beans.” Jitters and upset stomachs, she said , are the result of coffee that includes unripe and overripe beans.

When it comes time to roast, “that’s an art,” she said, “You have to babysit the beans. ….I leave that to Tom.”

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