Brazil Saint of the Woods


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Region: Minas Gerais

City: Carmo di Minas

Grower: Helisson Afonso da Silva

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

Processing:  Sun Dried Natural

Altitude:  4500 feet above sea level.

Taste Profile: . It has rich caramel notes, thick mouthfeel, smooth finish and a delightful lingering aftertaste. 

The Silva family coffees are recognized worldwide for their complexity and unique characteristics. Helisson has been learning everything from his father and nowadays is passionate about the coffee universe.

Another important factor is respect for nature; the family world with sustainable coffee production, preserving the ora and fauna on its properties.

The harvest is done selectively by hand, the beans are picked and taken to the processing center. Drying is done on patios under the sun and later finished in dryers that guarantee homogenous dryness, preserving the quality.

The coffee is finally stored in the warehouse at Cocarive (Carmo de Minas Cooperative), which has an area for commercialization with a department entirely dedicated to these high-quality coffees.

**All of our coffee is 100% satifaction guaranteed! 

This coffee is locally delivered in Omaha, Nebraska. We deliver freshly roasted coffee every Friday to your doorstep.

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