Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo


Erwin Sr., affectionately known as Doc Mierisch, has greatly impacted the specialty coffee industry. From sharing genetic research on their varietals to assisting the Cup of Excellence this family has single handedly changed the game on quality and nano lots.

The maintain a tight chain of process and quality control on their coffees and farms from seed propagation to post harvest production at their mill.

Finca Limoncillo has been described as Erwin’s private coffee garden. It is his favorite farm amongst the families’ 10 other farms.

The coffee bean varietal is call Ethiosaur which they have exclusively developed along with the red honey pulped natural process at their mill.


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Grower: Dr. Erwin Mierisch Sr.
Region: Yasica Sur, Matagalpa
Process: Red Honey Pulped Natural
Varietal: Ethiosaur
Elevation: 850-1110 MASL
Flavor Notes: English Walnut, Floral, Green Apple, Honey


**All of our coffee is 100% satifaction guaranteed! 


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