Nicaragua Limoncillo


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Region: La Dalia

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Processing:  Full Natural

Altitude:  3200 feet above sea level.

Taste Profile:  Medium body coffee first hits your tongue with sweet citrus followed by a rich pecan taste. Silky smooth with a wonderful lingering aftertaste

**All of our coffee is 100% satifaction guaranteed! 

This coffee is locally delivered in Omaha, Nebraska. We deliver freshly roasted coffee every Friday to your doorstep.

Special Notes:

The natural process begins at the farm by only selecting optimally blood red, ripe cherries.  These are then carefully transported to the dry mill where they are then spread as a thin layer.  These cherries are carefully moved within their assigned space approximately 3 times a day.  They always make sure they do not damage the cherry while they are moved.  This process can take anywhere between 20 – 30 days, depending on the weather conditions, until it reaches a humidity range of 12% or below.

All lots are then placed in a cool, well ventilated, warehouse for it to rest for 30 days. After the resting period we proceeded to hull the lot and then let it rest in “oro” (green) for an additional 30 days before it’s shipped.

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