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Here is a blog from a fellow passionate specialty coffee dude

There is only one step in creating “The World’s Finest Fresh Roasted Coffee” that is just as important as the roasting process itself. That is to say, you can do a so-so job with grinding and brewing and, with a bit of luck still have a great cup of coffee.

Selecting the most heavenly green coffee beans possible IS that all important step. The actual creation of the perfect bean, we of course leave to God. However, discovering that bean is something else altogether!

Apparently, God has quite a sense of humor since it’s clear that most things extraordinary seem, shall we say…less than easy to possess?!

Thus, locating that perfect bean is a quest taken no more lightly than that of a Knight on crusade for the Holy Grail. If you think I’m just exaggerating, you should visit some of the major specialty coffee importers. Talk about serious business!

Plus, I have noticed that this search is not always about the money. In fact, it seems that coffees mystical qualities inspire a passion for the bean that is truly an uncommon “labor of love”.

As a professional roaster, I’ve had my own experience with the spiritual side of fresh roasted coffee. I certainly care more about it than anything I’ve done, professionally speaking, thus far in my life.

Assuming it’s moral, loving what you do always returns big dividends for everyone involved, especially yourself, and those who partake of your final creation.

Everyone should try to do something they love and if you aren’t or can’t, then at least make an effort to love whatever you do. I think good fortune is in the wind for those who at least give it their best. From my experience, all it takes is a firm decision. Actually, that’s the hardest part.

O.K. O.K. Enough coffee philosophizing!

So I got a little carried away.

The whole point of this is to say that without excellent green coffee, all of the care taken by a Roast Master will be like pearls cast to swine. Thus, “The Perfect Cup” becomes sadly unattainable.

Therefore, we rely on another group of professionals who clearly love what they do. That would be our green coffee importer who has wonderful and fortunate people who travel the great far and wide in search of those farms that produce the most exquisite coffee beans in the world.


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